We are conducting our church in a rented house and also conducting a children’s home. Now we are praying for our own land for the church building. Because we wish to start a pre-primary school and old age home. For this we have to buy our own land. But for these needs, a heavy amount is needed. We kindly request to the loving ones to support and pray for the expansion of Lord’s kingdom.

Our A/C details
A/C Name: T.B Joju John
A/C No: 20147234466
Bank name: State Bank of India (SBI)
Branch : Shastri Nagar, 18/B, Jammu
IFSC Code: SBIN0011857

ABOUT Faith Prayer Center

I am Pr. Joju John. I am doing God’s ministry in Jammu and Kashmir with family. I have my wife and two daughters. We are here from 2012 march 12. I came here by got a vision from God from my childhood. I liked to do the ministry in north India. When we reached here we had to face lot of problems. But God helped to overcome all of them. Now e are doing ministry in Jakh, samba dist. Jammu